Horizon 2.0 - BBC Micro Emulator

03 Sep 2012 - Horizon 2.1 is released. Enhanced sound and speech, graphics fixes. Keyboard layout fixed for non-UK keyboards.

Horizon 2.0 is a BBC Micro Emulator and is a major rewrite of the old version 1.x. It features better emulation with disk drive (Acorn DFS) and tape support, joysticks, improved sound with speech/sample playback, sideways RAM and full screen display. Diagnostic and trace tools are also included.

  • Castle Quest

  • Citadel

  • Donkey Kong Jr

  • Elite

  • Exile

  • Fortress

  • Lunar Jetman

  • Match Day

  • Manic Miner

  • Manic Miner (with diagnostic tools)

  • Revs

  • Play Revs with Playstation-style joypad
    using joystick mapping (just like Gran Turismo!)

  • Stryker's Run

  • Zalaga

  • Acorn Disk Filing System

  • Tape / Cassette System


Version 2.0 features include...

List of tested software


Horizon 2.1 for Windows 7, Vista and XP

You may also need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Horizon 1.x for MacOSX (converted by Richard Bannister)

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